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Dalyan VIP Gezi Turları

Dalyan VIP Gezi Turları

Galloping Seahorses:

Q. What kind of horse swims underwater?
A. A seahorse!!

The Lost Tour Guide is extremely happy and proud to share with you one of his favourite adventures.

Swimming with horses is suitable for experienced and non-horse riders alike. This adventure includes trekking through beautiful woodland paths, through gently flowing rivers, leading eventually to a beautiful sandy beach where you will swim yes actually swim with your horse in the crystal blue waters.

You do not need any experience, the horses are very well behaved and you will be accompanied by very experienced and knowledgeable guides throughout.

The trip comprises:
*Pick up and drop off as arranged
*Transport to the horse ranch and return from gocek
*Pairing with a chosen horse, fitting with safety equipment and instruction on how to handle and ride a horse
*Evening Dinner

We will gently ride through the woods, along the gently flowing river onto the beautiful sandy beach where you will see the bluest of seas that you will be swimming in.

When we get there, you can relax and chat to your family and new friends admiring the view of the 12 Islands and Gocek peninsula whilst we get ready for you to go swimming with the horses.

After your amazingly thrilling adventure we will ride back through the river and woods to the horse ranch where you will say a fond farewell to your new bestie.

We will meet our mini bus and be whisked away to the enchanting town of Gocek where we will have Dinner in one of our favourite restaurants.

We will sit and enjoy an array of amazing mezes and choosing our dinner from the Menu. You can recall your adventure and make your story sound like you were a cowboy!!!

When you are ready we will rejoin the minibus and return you to your drop off point, from where you can go home and bed!!

Why do we love this adventure?
It’s got beautiful food, glorious scenery, a beach and a HORSE
What’s not to love!!!
Not only does it have a horse you also get to go swimming with them – how exciting and thrilling is that???
It’s sure to be an experience you will never forget.

Cultures in Harmony:

The Lost Tour Guide is immensely happy and proud to share with you the chance to experience one of the most magical days out along the Turquoise coastline of Mediterranean region of Turkey.

You will experience the uniquely delightful town of Kas, with its gorgeous streets, shops and bars, the impressive town of Kalkan with its picturesque harbour and the historically important ruins of Ancient Patara.

Our day starts around 8 am when we collect you from your chosen pick up point. After welcomes and introductions we will drive to one of our favourite breakfast restaurants. Here you will be offered a veritable feast – freshly baked breads, jams and honeys, cheeses, fruit, salads and more to set you up for an amazing day whilst talking to your new friends.

After breakfast we will return to the minibus and head to the Ancient City of Patara. Founded in the 5 th century BC it was one of the most important cities of the Lycian Empire. You will witness the ancient amphitheater, the stone sarcophagi, the ruins of the Senate building and the Town Walls. Try to imagine a bustling city from centuries ago where Turks and Greeks and Romans met. Immerse yourself in its history.

After refreshments we will head off to the beautiful town of Kalkan. Built up on the hillside and along the harbour Kalkan is well known for it’s beautiful villas, and is a favourite holiday destination in itself.

We will wander along the harbour, taking in all the sights. You will have free time where you may choose to have a swim from the small beach, or people watch from one of the bars or cafes, or go shopping in the local boutiques, as ever the choice is yours.

We will have lunch in a gorgeous local restaurant where we will tempt your tastebuds with a wide range of Turkish cuisine.

Following lunch we will make the short drive along the coastline to Kas. Here you will find a uniquely beautiful town influenced by a mix of Turkish culture and customs, Greek charm and Roman history. These can be seen all over the town, in its architecture, customs and atmosphere.

One of the things you notice immediately is the chilled laid back vibe, with its artisan bars and cafes, to its uniquely quaint shops. You can wander along the winding streets, through the vintage part of town where you can pick up a retro bargain, or just sit and watch the sun set over the small Greek island of Castellorizo or as we call it Meis.

We will have a a superb Dinner in Kas where you will be offered a choice of freshly cooked food including a wide range of Mezes.

After dinner we will join the minibus once again and drive back to Dalyan or your pre agreed drop off point.

During the drive back you can reminisce about your beautiful visit to one of the most stunning stretches of the Lycian coastline, the history, sights and sounds which you will never forget.

We love this trip because it lets us share with you our history, and the chance to visit some of the most beautiful towns in the area. It is a long day, but more than worth it for the memories it leaves you with.

Village Life:

Last summer one of our most popular trips was “Village Life”. We ran this unique excursion on a private basis last year but due to a large number of requests to join us, we decided to offer it as part of our regular schedule for the coming year.

We pick you up at around 8.30 and drive for about 20 minutes to a nearby village, where will be welcomed with open arms by the lady of the house. She will have ready for us a delicious breakfast, served at a shady table under a sprawling oak tree in their garden, where the family always sits to eat in the warm weather.

Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day by many Turks, and this magnificent spread will include all the key elements of a traditional ‘kahvalti’ (breakfast), freshly prepared, with fruit and vegetables from the garden, home picked and prepared olives, free range eggs, cheese, bread and lashings of tea.

After breakfast, we head to the village mosque, not just to see inside, but also to sit in on one of the children’s classes. (Please note that ladies should take a shawl or scarf to cover their head during the mosque visit).
The delightful school teacher is always so pleased to welcome visitors to the classroom. Whenever the children see us, they get really excited and want to show us what they are doing and share with us how clever they are. After chatting briefly with the teacher and children we go back to our village house once again, where we shall pick our own vegetables from the garden to use in our lunch.

Then for the real highlight of the day; you will cook your own lunch with the ingredients you picked from the garden. This is a genuine class in Turkish homemade cooking, using simple ingredients and techniques to make tasty and authentic food. It’s not Masterchef, but rather a hands on opportunity to prepare and share food in an everyday fashion and as an honoured guest of the family.

After cooking and eating lunch, there is time to relax, drink traditional Turkish coffee and chat with this most welcoming family before we head back to Dalyan at around 3 pm.

This day is full of special insights into traditional Turkish village life which will form the basis of truly unforgettable memories to take back with you and treasure forever.

Step Back in Time:

This day is perfect for singles, couples and families.

It comprises breakfast at a stunning location, a visit to an abandoned ghost town, wine tasting, lunch in a location with an infinity pool and views to die for, exploring the off track delights of old Fethiye, dinner, shopping and chilling in the renowned marina village of Gocek, plus much more besides.

Aegean Night Delight:

We have a feeling that this new offering is going to be our most popular and uniquely special excursion of summer 2024.

In just one day, we offer you a little bit of everything absolutely wonderful that this area has to offer. You will visit a captivating and beautiful old Turkish town, enjoy an unparalleled boat ride through the turquoise water, have your gastronomic senses blown away with a delicious lunch by the sea, sink
into the aquatic embrace of the warm waters beside a beautiful local village, off the beaten tourist track and – as a grand finale – have your tastebuds tantalised with a fantastic dinner and drinks in a wonderful restaurant setting overlooking the water, whilst an amazing live band entertains you from their floating boat stage.

This is our uniquely tailored and delivered “Aegean Night Delight”

This one is going to be so special and unmissable, we promise…

Cool Day in Heaven:

I just planned another amazing day out with you all on my “Cool Day in Heaven” excursion.

The most unforgettable day out which will include lots of fun, adventures, the most beautiful sceneries, the most delicious breakfast and lunch and private boat trip and the best way to cool down in very shallow river to walk and flow down in the channel to the restaurant.

We start to collect our friends from their accommodations to go to Akyaka between 8:00 – 8:30 in the morning and drive straight to our breakfast place by our comfortable and air conditioned bus.

This place is just like a heaven to experience the most delicious breakfast with spectacular view of the river and wildlife while the boats are passing by.

After we are finished our beautiful traditional Turkish breakfast and take some pictures of stunning surroundings, we will head to harbour for our private boat trip in the very special water which is called aquarium river. This river is one of the most beautiful rivers in this region which will take your breath away with the turquoise colour and the fish and the nature of the water, so have your cameras ready.

Just after our boat trip, we will have a short walk to explore one of the most colourful town Akyaka and do some shopping.

After our time in Akyaka we will drive to Yuvarlakçay to have some fun and adventures in the cool waters which will take around 40 minutes to get our next stop by bus.

On our arrival, we will have another short walk in the cool shallow river to get beautiful spot. After we just have very short break then we will head back to our start point to the channel for you to experience flowing down in the cool water to cool down heading to our restaurant for late lunch which will be served 15:00 – 15:30. On our late lunch you will be served lots of hot and cold starters, mezes, salad and etc and your choice of main course from the menu whichever you wish to have that there are plenty of options to choose. After these 2 perfect meals like breakfast and lunch, you won’t need heavy dinner in the evening.

Whilst waiting for our late lunch, there are opportunities as swimming in the cool water at the restaurant or swinging over the cool water and take some beautiful pictures or maybe you would rather to sit and have a drink and start conversations with your new friends who you met on my trip.

Undiscovered Hierapolis:

A breathtaking new trip for 2024.

You may already have been to Pamukkale and enjoyed the otherworldly beauty and warmth of its cotton castles, hot springs and snow white terraces, but on our trip we guarantee you will see a completely unexpected and truly dramatic side to Hierapolis.

Not only will you see this iconic destination from a totally unique perspective, but we also accommodate any specific mobility requirements (optional golf carts) to allow absolutely anyone to experience first hand and up close this spectacular landscape. We promise to go above and beyond to make this an unforgettable day.

Of course you will be served the most delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well at very unique places where just locals visit…

Aegean Cocktail:

The Lost Tour Guide is extremely happy and proud to present to you this improved amazingly beautiful and relaxed day out.

We plan to take you to one of our favourite places, the town of Akyaka and then for a drive along the amazing coastal route to the picturesque village of Akbuk.

Our day will start when we pick you up around 10 am from your pre arranged pick up point. After introductions and welcomes we will have a short drive in our air conditioned minibus and head to our first stop Akyaka.

Here we will sit by the river in one of our favourite places and have an amazing turkish breakfast filled with fresh baked breads, cheeses, jams, honeys, fruits, salads and more. You can sit and watch the ducks and geese as they swim past, and the small boats sailing along the river.

After breakfast we will rejoin the minibus and drive to Akyaka harbour, where we will board our private boat and sail through the crystal clear waters of River Azmak. The river is also known as Aquarium River, it really is like sailing across a giant aquarium- so clear, one minute only a few feet deep the next 10 meters deep. You can enjoy watching all the fish swimming around and the aquatic plants gently moving in the water below you. It makes you want to reach out and touch them!!

After the boat trip we will wander around the town itself. Famous for its Ula houses, the scenery is just picture perfect and just a photo opportunity not to be missed.

We will treat you to homemade ice cream made traditionally by one of the oldest local families.

We will then rejoin the minibus and drive to Akbuk, an absolutely amazing drive taking in some breathtaking scenery.

We will arrive at the private hidden beach where is just amazing place that we will be listening beautiful musics and enjoy our time there and swim in the crystal clear water. After we feel ourselves hungry again, we will serve you amazingly delicious late lunch. After having relaxing and the most enjoyable moments at the beach club, we will return to our minibus and head home, dropping you off at your pre arranged points around 7 pm.

We love this trip because it lets us show you a mix of river and sea. The river is amazing and we can not fully describe the crystal clear freezing waters and the natural river life you will see, and then the amazing drive through the breathtaking countryside, showing you scenery that makes us proud to be Turkish.

Jewel in the Crown:

The Lost Tour Guide is delighted to invite you on a magical day out, heading West along the Turquoise coastline where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Aegean.

This immersive and memorable trip around Datça Peninsula will have you falling in love with Turkey all
over again.

Datça is a port town on a sliver of mountain and beach jutting into the Aegean. Its proximity to the many islets and islands made it a popular draw for pirates in the past. Eski Datça (the old town), in the olive lined hills above the port, has a breathtaking beauty all of its own, with its swathes of bougainvillea and quaint colourful streets and houses. The old town has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years and the traditional character of the place has been kept alive with the restoration of old houses and a sympathetic and complementary smatter of newer dwellings.

The fertile valley by Eski Datça comprises olive groves. What do you mean by this?), almonds and abundant fruit trees, including citrus, mulberry, avocado and pomegranate.

The village itself is pedestrianised to protect its beautiful narrow winding streets, the many wondrous shops selling local and artisan goods and the numerous little coffee shops and eateries. This is a great place to find holiday souvenirs with a difference, even from the olive farm and mill gift shop in the village centre.
The views over the peninsula and sea are stunning and stretch as far as the Greek island of Tilos. You may even be fortunate enough to spot Mediterranean Monk Seals basking just off shore.

Our day starts around 8 am, when we pick you up, introduce ourselves and then travel in air conditioned comfort to one of our favourite breakfast restaurants for a veritable feast – freshly baked breads, jams and honeys, cheeses, fruit, salads and more – to set you up for the day.

After breakfast, we drive towards Datça, through Mesudiye and to Hayıtbükü beach to our first stop of the day. We’ll spend a couple of hours here, swimming, soaking up the tranquil atmosphere and have a light lunch before heading to one of the biggest vineyards for a full blown tour and degustation.

After the wine tasting, it’s a short hop to Old Datça with its wealth of boutique shops, bars and restaurants. We shall while away some time wandering the myriad little streets, before joining together for an authentic dinner in a restaurant run by a lovely local couple. There is a wide range of traditional Turkish foods to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Fully sated and content, we then relax for the transfer back to Dalyan.

Oceans of Love Gourmet Breakfast:

You hear lots of restaurants and tour operators saying they offer you the best Turkish Breakfast. We are quietly confident that we can offer you not only incomparable food, but also a stunning backdrop against which to eat it.

Not for us hard restaurant seats and a static view…… How about joining us for a brilliant breakfast spread served against a constantly changing background panorama of mountains, river views, historic monuments and wildlife?

While you drift down the delta, taking in the gorgeous views for which Dalyan is so famous, we serve you homemade hot dishes and all the delicious elements of a traditional Turkish breakfast, including a gorgeous traditional breakfast dish, menemen, which is cooked right in front of you on the boat.

After breakfast, our excursion continues, as we leave the river delta and bear west along the Mediterranean to Ekincik, where you can enjoy fishing, crabbing, swimming, snorkelling or just plain digesting in this popular and scenic bay.

The whole day promises an array of delights, gastronomic and otherwise, to treasure forever. And don’t forget your camera!

Hidden Gems of Aegean:

When you hear the name Marmaris what do you think of?
Sun loungers, packed hotels, busy beaches, bars and beer.

What if we were to show you a more beautiful, more interesting face of Marmaris, one that is full of charm, culture and Turkish tradition?

On this, his own special trip, The Lost Tour Guide will show you a town older and more traditional than you ever thought. You will get to see amazingly beautiful historic sights, visit the Old Town and Castle, and the Bazaar for a little shopping.

We will also take you into the surrounding area to let you witness all the splendour of the costal views, bays and busy harbours.

Our day will start when we collect you from your pick up point at around 8.00-8.30 am. After welcomes and introductions we will start our journey with a short drive to an amazing breakfast venue. Here your tastebuds will be delighted with a traditional Turkish breakfast, offering a wide selection of delicious cheeses, sweet jams and honey, freshly baked breads, olives, fresh fruit platters and salad.

You can sit having breakfast and enjoy the local scenery whilst getting to know your travel companions and getting excited about the day ahead.

After breakfast we will head off to Marmaris. Along the journey there will be opportunities to stop and admire the beautiful and breathtaking views.

Upon arrival in Marmaris we will have a complimentary coffee at the Starbucks by the Harbour. (The Lost Tour Guide never ever goes to Marmaris without stopping here!!!)

We will spend around 2.5 hours in Marmaris, walking around the narrow winding streets of the Old Town, witnessing the different kinds of architecture, and listening to all the sounds of Old Marmaris.

Our wander will eventually lead us to the magnificently beautiful Castle that has looked over Marmaris since 1044 BC. From here you will be able to witness the amazing views that so many others have looked out on over the centuries-the Old Town and harbour and imagining centuries gone by land all the events in Turkish history that happened here. It really is a photo opportunity not to be missed.

Whilst wandering back down to meet our minibus there will be free time to sit and people watch in a local bar or cafe, perhaps by the harbour, or go do some shopping in the Grand Bazaar.

From here we will be driven to an amazing restaurant for lunch. The place favoured by The Lost Tour Guide is a Pide restaurant voted as one of the 10 best in Turkey.

After a delicious lunch we will head along the coast and after a short drive, we will arrive at our next stop of Orhaniye. Legend dating back 300 BC says thst the daughter of the Bybassos King was trying to escape from dangerous Pirates. Because she was a poor swimmer she built up a bank by carrying sand in her dress and then tipping it out to make a path. Unfortunately she lost her way in the dark and died trying to escape. You can still experience this walk along the sand bank where it looks like you are actually walking on water!!!

Here you will be offered a complimentary drink in the beach side cafe.

When ready we will rejoin our minibus and drive further along the coast to one of the most beautiful picturesque fishing villages in the area called Selimye.

Here you will have the opportunity to wander around the traditional unspoilt streets, perhaps again enjoying a little retail therapy or sitting in one of the local bars watching the world go by. You may even go swimming in the beautiful turquoise waters we are famous for. The choice is yours.

We will then go for a delicious dinner in a most beautiful restaurant. You will be amazed and gastronomically happy by the choice of mezes and sumptuous main courses, and perhaps afterwards sit for a drink and chill with your new friends. As always, the choice is yours.

Following Dinner we will head back to Dalyan or your other pre agreed drop off point, where you can go to bed and dream of all your adventures and new experiences in one of the most glorious Old Towns you never knew existed.

The real beauty of this trip is that it challenges your ideas of Marmaris and the surrounding area, and helps to paint a picture of a more beautiful, historic Turkish town.

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Mutlu anlar vardır ya bazen, işte öyle bir şey...
Beyaz Kelebekler serisi 001
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Bahçemizden topladığımız Kan Portakallarımız, Odun Ateşi ile hemhâl dayanılmaz aroması eşliğinde reçel kıvamına gelmek için demleniyor...😋
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Bir (sayı ile:) Şubat Panoraması...

Bir (sayı ile:) Şubat Panoraması...

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- Pervam yok verdiğin elemden;
Her mihnet kabulüm, yeter ki
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#penceremden #sonbahar #tatil #holidays #boutiquehotel
Ne doğan güne hükmüm geçer,
Ne halden anlayan bulunur;
Ah aklımdan gidişin geçer;
Sonra bu kuş, bu bahçe, bu nur.

Ve gönül Tanrısına der ki:
- Pervam yok verdiğin elemden;
Her mihnet kabulüm, yeter ki
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Arth of wood & colours...
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Arth of wood & colours...
#woodarth #ahşapsanatı #boutiquehotel #ikonikyapilarotelolsaydi #dalyanotelleri #tourism #aegean #sun #sea #dalyan #traveltheworld #travelturkey #instagood

Relax don't do it when u wanna come 🏡 #tatil #holidays #dalyan #dalyanotelleri #ege #muğla #butikotel #turizm

Relax don`t do it when u wanna come 🏡 #tatil #holidays #dalyan #dalyanotelleri #ege #muğla #butikotel #turizm ...

Chopin Canlı performans by Damla...🎹 #chopinnocturne #piano #liveperformance #livemusic #holiday #night #konak #muratpasakonagi #dalyan #turizm #travelturkey

Chopin Canlı performans by Damla...🎹 #chopinnocturne #piano #liveperformance #livemusic #holiday #night #konak #muratpasakonagi #dalyan #turizm #travelturkey ...